How to bake a delicious steak

Today I will teach you how to bake a steak. In fact, I was part-time job at a famous steak shop in my school days, and I was assigned to a steak and a bakehouse in general! We will teach you the cooking know-how you have cultivated there! First, sprinkle salt and pepper on the meat cut for steak. If the thickness is less than 1.5 cm, it is sufficient to sprinkle it uniformly on one side. Next, add the salad oil directly to the meat, and over a small portion of the first baking surface. Turn on the pan and maintain a medium heat. Bake one side only slowly to burn in. Isn’t it the color that makes the meat look delicious? Aim for that LOL And, when it is time to burn well, turn over and bake the other side. If you cook at home, you may want to use the lid. Your choice is your preference. Serve! If you cut the meat diagonally, it will look very good, so please try it when serving! Are you also a steak master? It is no doubt that it will be tempted to laugh at barbecue lol


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